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AND Biopharma stimulates, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare providers, insurance companies and thoughtleaders, the natural balance between hosts and troublesome invaders in humans and other animals. By the development of efficient and effectual medicines based on the powerful and proven self DNA-inhibition principle, discovered and patented at Frederico II University, Napels, Italy. (The oldest public non-religious university in the world, founded in 1224). This discovery doesn’t change anything about how nature works, and yet everything about how we think about natural defense strategies: As Nature Does, AND BioPharma.

The Self-DNA invention

In 2010 Professor of Applied Ecology and System Dynamics Modelling Stefano Mazzoleni and his team, after years of studying litter decomposition, found an explanation for soil toxicity and soil fatigue. He posited that natural, random DNA fragmentation had a inhibiting effect on the population of the same species. Seeds, bacteria, nematodes, protozoa, larvae and fungi all reacted strongly, and negatively, on the presence of self DNA in their environment and nutrition: They withered and died. Now, many years later the effect has been studied and verified by many other scientists down to molecular pathways and patterns, leading to the grant of a worldwide patent in 2017. Read more here at ncbi and this pdf by Duran Flores.

The AND Team

Our team consists of several Koppert and NoSelf staff; full professors and PhD students and postdocs around the world and third party verifying research institutes. We are currently working on early stage research on antibiotics, cystic fibrosis, cancerdynamics, malaria, leishmania and intestinal worms. The daily business, license- and science-development are currently kick-started by Peter Jens (Brussels), Thirza Koppert (New York) and Antonio Cafiero (Napels)

Frequently Asked Questions

By researchers

Can I test the inhibitory principle myself?

Yes, if you know how to extract DNA from an organism and fragment the total DNA by sonication it is relatively easy to administer it to the target organism. You can check the patent description or ask us for instructions. We may ask an upfront fee for our labor.  >> SHOW VIDEO <<

What can I do for AND BioPharma?

We like to see the principle being tested towards as many targets species as possible, and especially the dosage/effect info and administration data from the tests. We are interested in “remarkable” observations as well. So if you test it, let us know, and under NDA we can start collaborating.  

What can AND BioPharma do for me?

As the invention is target specific, with effects on phylogenetic similar species, it is possible that we can help you co/author your research and even build your own IP and even business, based on our initial findings and patents.

By the public

I suffer from a bacterial infection, are any products available?

Unfortunately not, but we are working on some “nasties” with good results. We need further involvement from academic hospitals and the pharmaindustry to make it into safe, affordable products with no known side-effects. We wish you a speedy recovery!

Are DNA fragments safe for the human body?

We daily ingest an enormous amount of “strange” DNA, total DNA and in random fragments. It is called food and nutrition. Sofar we have not seen any effect of self-DNA fragments on non-self. As we say: “DNA is food for the other, toxic to the self”. Nevertheless, further trials will be necessary as massive amounts of DNA fragments may (like any foodstuff containing sugars and phosphates -) have negative effects.

Will treatments using AND BioPharma technology be expensive?

That depends on the licensees. We aim to keep our basic license low for diseases such as leishmania, malaria and intestinal worms as well as for new generations of ultra narrow spectrum antibiotics.

By businesses

Are licenses available for the patent?

Yes, they are. In principle. We are still a modest start-up, crossing the infamous Valley of Death investmentwise and we are more interested in deep collaboration as a first step towards a species-specific and geographically defined license agreements. We may ask an upfront fee for our work.

How can we start collaboration?

You can let us know what species/organism you’d like to target; what your capabilities are and where and how you’d see a future development go. We will agree to an NDA with you and as a first step we will help you with a first Proof of Concept. 

Can we get exclusive licenses?

Noyes. As long as we do not know your plans or do not feel comfortable with your plans we are very hesitant to grant exclusivity. Our shareholders and patentowners want to ensure that any products derived from the patent will be accessible and affordable by as many people as possible. Exclusivity may drive up prices and inhibit further developments.


Drop us a line or ask a question, we love to hear from you!

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AND BioPharma BV is a joint-venture of Dutch Koppert Biological Systems and NoSelf sprl and incorporated by Dutch Law at the Chamber of Commerce 70759782. 

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