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Are licenses available for the patent?

Yes, they are. In principle. We are still a modest start-up, crossing the infamous Valley of Death investmentwise and we are more interested in deep collaboration as a first step towards a species-specific and geographically defined license agreements. We may ask an upfront fee for our work.

How can we start collaboration?

You can let us know what species/organism you’d like to target; what your capabilities are and where and how you’d see a future development go. We will agree to an NDA with you and as a first step we will help you with a first Proof of Concept. 

Can we get exclusive licenses?

Noyes. As long as we do not know your plans or do not feel comfortable with your plans we are very hesitant to grant exclusivity. Our shareholders and patentowners want to ensure that any products derived from the patent will be accessible and affordable by as many people as possible. Exclusivity may drive up prices and inhibit further developments.

Drop us a line or ask a question, we love to hear from you!

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