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Can I test the inhibitory principle myself?

Yes, if you know how to extract DNA from an organism and fragment the total DNA by sonication it is relatively easy to administer it to the target organism. You can check the patent description or ask us for instructions. We may ask an upfront fee for our labor.  >> SHOW VIDEO <<

What can I do for AND BioPharma?

We like to see the principle being tested towards as many targets species as possible, and especially the dosage/effect info and administration data from the tests. We are interested in “remarkable” observations as well. So if you test it, let us know, and under NDA we can start collaborating.  

What can AND BioPharma do for me?

As the invention is target specific, with effects on phylogenetic similar species, it is possible that we can help you co/author your research and even build your own IP and even business, based on our initial findings and patents.

Drop us a line or ask a question, we love to hear from you!

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