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I suffer from a bacterial infection, are any products available?

Unfortunately not, but we are working on some “nasties” with good results. We need further involvement from academic hospitals and the pharmaindustry to make it into safe, affordable products with no known side-effects. We wish you a speedy recovery!

Are DNA fragments safe for the human body?

We daily ingest an enormous amount of “strange” DNA, total DNA and in random fragments. It is called food and nutrition. Sofar we have not seen any effect of self-DNA fragments on non-self. As we say: “DNA is food for the other, toxic to the self”. Nevertheless, further trials will be necessary as massive amounts of DNA fragments may (like any foodstuff containing sugars and phosphates -) have negative effects.

Will treatments using AND BioPharma technology be expensive?

That depends on the licensees. We aim to keep our basic license low for diseases such as leishmania, malaria and intestinal worms as well as for new generations of ultra narrow spectrum antibiotics.

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